• Civil Rights (race, gender, and disability discrimination, and violation of other constitutional rights, with a focus on women and children)

  • Child Welfare & Family (DCF-involved youth; school discipline; restraining orders; child support, custody, divorce, adoption, emancipation, guardianship, parenting agreements, pre- and post-nuptial agreements)

  • Small Business (compliance, litigation defense, evaluating outside counsel)


  • Litigation

  • Appeals

  • Mediation


Branch Legal strives to empower clients to advocate for themselves, first, by making the law less opaque and more accessible to them, second, by advising them on strategy, and, third, by deploying conflict resolution strategies that will produce the best results with the lowest emotional and financial cost. Finally, we empower clients by building a rich network of referrals to help clients take full advantage of the non-legal, as well as legal, resources available to them. We see empowerment not only as a means to save money for clients, but also as an end in itself.


To minimize costs, Branch Legal offers limited-assistance and à la carte services and sliding-scale, flat-fee, and contingency fee arrangements.